ILSB Support Personnel
Melissa Makris Flow Cytometry Supervisor 540-231-4115
Charles Nwaihesie Animal Facility Manager 540-231-4355
Allie Price Glassware Lab Manager 540-231-4829
Sherri Songer Communications/Financial Coordinator 540-231-6056
Pam Suroski Animal Care Technician 540-231-4355
Doris Tickle Laboratory Technician 540-231-8953
Franc-Eric Wiedmer Operations Coordinator 540-231-0734 (office)
540-357-0493 (cell)


College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Department
Adele Addington Laboratory Manager HNFE / Hulver
Abey Bandara Laboratory Manager
HNFE / Brown
Wei Zhen Research Associate & Lab Manager HNFE / Liu
Louise Zheng Research Associate & Lab Manager HNFE / Cheng
Haiyan Zhang Metabolic Phenotyping Core Manager HNFE / Hulver


College of Natural Resources & Environment Department
Miluska Hyde Research Assistant FWC / Hallerman
Claire Sanderson Research Associate FWC / Alexander


College of Science Department / School
Lara Dahora
Lab Technician
Neuroscience / Thompson
Matt Glover Research Associate & Lab Manager Neuroscience / Clinton
Zahabiya Husain Lab Manager
Neuroscience / Thompson
Chelsea McCoy Postdoctoral Associate Neuroscience / Clinton
Miguel Perez-Pouchoulen Research Scientist Neuroscience / Bowers
Jennifer Rainville Postdoctoral Associate Neuroscience / Hodes
Clint Roby Senior Research Scientist Neuroscience / Bowers
Tina Taylor Lab Manager Neuroscience / Bowers


College of Veterinary Medicine Department
Qian Cao Postdoctoral Associate BSP / Meng
Lynn Heffron Laboratory Specialist BSP / Meng
Adam Rogers Postdoctoral Associate BSP / Meng
Harini Sooryanarain Postdoctoral Associate BSP / Meng
Sakthivel Subramaniam Postdoctoral Associate BSP / Meng
Debin Tian Postdoctoral Associate BSP / Meng